OUR OFFERINGS – Vanaspati Yoga
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Used for thousands of years, the sacred plant of cannabis has been used throughout the world in so many positive ways. Whether it be used to alleviate pain or bring alertness to the body, we believe this powerful plant has so much good to offer. Combining the breath and attention to the body, our cannabis integrated class is meant to promote relaxation and bring stillness to the body and mind.


We believe the sources that grow directly from the ground carry a sacred energy that hold the truths of our world and our well being. There’s nothing more raw and natural than experiencing the power of plants through ingesting as tea. With hand-blended herbal leaves, roots, flowers and berries, we finish our indoor classes on a warm and nurturing note. Our herbs are carefully crafted and brewed to promote sleep, calmness and meditation at the end of every class.


Oils have been used for their beneficial properties since ancient times. Used as a topical or as an aromatic spray, the concentrated oils from plants are absorbed into the skin and inhaled through the breath into the blood stream to provide both external and internal benefits along with a sense of joy from all the wonderful natural aromas.


There’s nothing more pleasurable than being surrounded by nature. Whether it be in a forest, on top of a mountain or by the vast ocean, doing yoga and meditation in these natural settings opens our heart and liberates our soul with every breath of mindfulness.


Vanaspati is a sanskrit word that refers to the entire kingdom of plants. Its literal translation is, “Lord of the Forest” and is known as a deity presiding over the forest with its thousand golden branches. We like to think these thousand golden branches are the beautiful souls that distinguish and unites us all as one.

Vanaspati Yoga connects us to the sacred tree with the community that we are, coming together grounding ourselves back to nature, finding healing in the moment and our deep connection of Vanaspati within.

Vanaspati Yoga offers Yin and Restorative styles of yoga while integrating aspects of our natural Earth in various shapes or forms. Vanaspati Yoga has no permanent home, offering classes in the great outdoors or in local communities throughout the Central Coast. We feel our style of Yoga should be convenient, safe, and as close to you as possible.