4/20 Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch w/Isochronic Tones (Teacher: Miho Watanabe; Massage Therapist: Joleen Tafoya)

04/20/2018 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cambria Ganja Yoga Venue
Address: Cambria, CA 93428, USA

Our Special 4/20 Gathering

Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch

w/Isochronic Tonal Musical Journey

This is our 2nd annual 4/20 gathering and will be something special again.  Come join us and experience not only our traditional cannabis enhanced Restorative Yoga but we will be combining it with a specialized hand touch massage by our INCREDIBLE massage therapist, Joleen Tafoya. She will be going around the class and massaging participants in their yoga postures and guiding them into deeper states of their pose as well as their state of relaxation. We are so honored to have Joleen bring her gentle yet powerfully healing touch that will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

Along with this very unique style of yoga & massage, we will be combining it with a very special and unique style of music, Isochronic Tones.  We have crafted a special Isochronic Tonal playlist that will guide our brainwaves through a musical journey into deep meditation.   Isochronic tones are a very effective audio-based method of stimulating the brain through a tone that is being turned on and off rapidly.  This is done through a complex neurological process known as brainwave entrainment (pronounced: “ehn – TRAIN – mint”), which enables the use of audio or visual stimuli to affect the brain and help people with a variety of problems.  During our gathering, we will journey through music and sounds that produce the wavelengths Alpha, Theta, Delta and finally Epsilon as we guide your own brainwave patterns to various meditation points.  Visual enhancement will provide stimulation to the sense of sight, essential oils will stimulate the sense of smell and of course the tasty edibles and herbal tea will stimulate our sense of taste.  Hitting all 5 senses in one evening.

A variety of surprise cannabis offerings will be provided with a special circle consumption ceremony to bring us all together into a similar head space, before we head into the final hours of this special day.


Gathering Details: $40/Person

7:00 pm – 7:30 pm: Special Cannabis Consumption Ceremony
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm: Begin Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch Class
9:30 pm – 10:00 pm: End Class you may stay as long as you need


Follow the steps below to sign up! 

1. We recommend you purchase your space ahead of time for the gathering which will guarantee your spot in the class.  We will secure spaces first for all those who purchase ahead of time.

2. Address will be sent on the day before the actual gathering with the confirmation email.

3. If you would simply like to sign up now and pay at the door, that is an option as well! Just send an email to hello@vanaspati.yoga with which gathering you would like to attend. Unfortunately, we just cannot guarantee your space due to limited availability.  If there is still availability on the day before the gathering, we will send you a confirmation email that ensures your space is still available, and you may pay at the door.


Space is limited and this is a private gathering, so the only way to guarantee your space is to reserve ahead!

Must be 21 or older to attend.

We encourage you to bring your own cannabis to use and share with the community, but SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED anywhere near the premise, so if you prefer to bring your own cannabis, vaporizing, topicals, and edibles only please.